Let's shape Madison's future together.

David has a bold vision to make our streets safer, improve schools in every neighborhood, create economic growth across District 9, and lay out a fiscal path that moves away from taxing seniors and families who can least afford it.

Moving Madison forward means taking our community in a different direction with a strategic focus on making District 9 an engine for economic development and a magnet for private sector entrepreneurs who will create good, high-wage jobs and grow the middle class.


Every student deserves a teacher who is invested in their growth and believes in their abilities.

Access to quality education is the bedrock of a strong city. Our most pressing problems—from high crime rates to lack of jobs and economic development—can be addressed by ensuring strong neighborhood schools that create opportunity hubs in every community. We must ensure every child in every community receives the same high-quality education at their neighborhood school.

Too often when it comes to education, your zip code determines your destiny. Achievement gaps between Black and Latinx students and their Caucasian and Asian peers when it came to high school graduation rates, college enrollment, standardized test scores, and graduating GPAs. In addition, male MNPS students often lag behind their female peers. David will make equity a priority to ensure that we as a city are investing more in educating children in underserved neighborhoods. 

David's education vision is built around a simple goal: to close the achievement gap. 

Economic Growth

Nashville is one of the fastest growing urban cores in the United States. However, David recognizes that this prosperity has not been distributed equally throughout the city and will work to leverage our current growth to bring more investment to District 9 while connecting residents to jobs created downtown.

After decades of assaults on fundamental workers’ rights, workers have been losing their leverage in fighting for fairer wages and good benefits. Moreover, even as national and state unemployment rates continue to drop, worker wages have stagnated. Coupled with the rising cost of housing, student loans, and other basic costs of living, this means that middle- and low-income households are increasingly squeezed and are struggling to keep up. Our local government has a vital role to play in leveling the playing field for workers by developing initiatives that boost worker incomes.


Public transportation systems need to remedy inequities, not replicate them. David is committed to building a public transit system that enables people all around Nashville to gain access to economic opportunity, improves their quality of life, and helps to make the city greener.


David understands that the issues Nashvillians face – healthcare access, criminal justice, economic equity, and civil rights – can have an even greater impact on the LGBTQ+ community, and his inclusive vision ensures all District 9 residents are at the table to shape Nashville's future together.


David will tackle the big environmental challenges our city faces by investing in green jobs to lift up every neighborhood across District 9, standing up to polluters who disproportionately harm working families and communities of color, and being an advocate who understands the threats of climate change and acts with appropriate urgency. He understands that environmental sustainability, public health, and neighborhood economic growth are intertwined. David will explore opportunities to invest in energy efficiency, transit, safe drinking water, and green infrastructure that will create jobs and improve quality of life.